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As an account holder you have the benefit of monthly invoicing, the convenience of a detailed monthly invoice giving you a full breakdown of trips, pick-up and drop-off details as well as access to our accounting team for invoicing and account queries. All accounts are controlled by account numbers, any bookings made via an account cannot be made without first providing the account number.

This provides the added security for customers, knowing that your account cannot be misused. If required, you can also set-up multiple account numbers for different members of your family or company.

Complete our very simple account application form and click submit,it will automatically be sent to our accounts team. Once received, we will have your account up and running within 72 hours. If you have any difficulty in dcompleting the application please Contact our accounts department and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Account holder benefits: 

  • Priority service over cash customers
  • Monthly invoicing & full breakdown of trips
  • Convenient online service that is intuitive and user friendly
  • You can pay for all your journeys on a monthly basis, no need to carry any cash
NB: Accounts are subject to credit checks and monthly reviews, invoices paid late will result in your account been closed and the full balanced required immediately.

Account Form
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