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The safety of women travelling in a mini-cab is often overlooked; many women are uncomfortable getting into a vehicle with a stranger. And how many parents are eager to entrust their children’s safety to that of an unfamiliar driver? This need is the foundation of Annisa Cars.

Our drivers are all women, fully licensed and comprehensively trained by the company, and our bespoke service is designed to assist passengers as much as possible and deliver a warm, professional experience to our clients.

We are committed to one goal – supplying a safe, reliable private transport service available to everyone; a secure, specialised mini-cab that women and children can depend upon. Working parents often need a school collection service which is always a worrying decision for a caring parent, especially as mini-cabs may not take underage passengers. With our kindly women drivers, none of whom smoke, parents can rest assured that their children are in the safest of hands.